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is a producer of chocolate
coatings and chocolate masses


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Confectionery production

Our products are being applied in production of hollow figures, confectionery bars
and assorted chocolates centers, glazing of candies, fruit candies, marsh-mallows, sugarplums,
dried fruits, caramel, khalva, lucuma, soufflé, cakes, and pastry.

The following can be applied items in candy production:


Belgostar — is a producer of chocolate coatings and chocolate masses. It is a Russian-Belgian joint-venture founded in 2002.


Belgostar production association was founded under support of the international food distribution company, Niche Trading nv, thus competitive prices for raw materials are secured while maintaining high quality.

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Belgostar production company is interested in its clientele expanding and is offering to become our company’s distributor. Let’s run the business together!

March, 25, 2016
December, 09, 2014
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