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is a producer of chocolate
coatings and chocolate masses


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BELGOSTAR non-lauric coating

Premium dark, milk, white coating

Used in the confectionery and baking industries.

Application area:

Production of hollow figures, confectionary bars, and assorted chocolates centers. Coating for: candies, fruit candies, marsh-mallows, sugarplums, dried fruits, caramel, khalva, lucuma, soufflé, cakes, and pastry.

Dark Sugar, cocoa butter replacer (non-lauric) , cocoa products, emulsifier (Е322, Е476), “vanilla” nature-identical flavoring.
White Sugar, cocoa butter replacer (non-lauric) , milk products, emulsifier (Е322), nature-identical flavoring.


  • Easy to use, no need to temper;
  • Main characteristics: melting point, setting point, hardness, weight fraction of solid triglycerides correspond to cocoa butter based coating;
  • Low content of solid triglycerides at 35°С
  • Abrupt melting point;
  • Fast melting-down and solid-setting;
  • Resistance to rancidifying and blooming;
  • Shelf life extension of final products;
  • Wide range of coatings allows selecting the coatings either for high hardness and good brilliance or coating for baked items having high adhesive properties.
  • Shelf life is 12 months.
  • 1 pallet holds 50 cartons blocks of 20kg or 1ton (5 layers of 10 cartons). 1 pallet holds 40 cartons drops of 20kg or 800kgs (5 layers of 8 cartons).
  • 40ft container (24 ton).
  • We can also pack 2×5kg block in 1 carton and 4x or 2×5kg foil bag drops in 1 carton.

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