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is a producer of chocolate
coatings and chocolate masses


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About company

“Belgostar” company is a producer of chocolate coatings used for production of bar chocolate, assorted chocolate sweets, covered sweets, nuts, dried fruits, caramel, sugarplums, khalva, lucuma, marsh-mallows, biscuits, spice cakes, gateaus, wafers, biscuit and short cakes, rolled cakes, cake cheese as well as variety of ice-cream.

The Company’s most important compound of processing policy is application of state-of-the-art equipment, multisample inspection of products quality and using entirely the best raw materials. This allows producing products of properly high quality and satisfying the needs of all our Customers to the full extent.

Since the first day of the start-up of its activities Belgostar has been successfully developing and growing.

Five arguments to work with Belgostar:

  1. Companies who have chosen Belgostar are satisfied with the partnership results.
  2. The usage of Belgostar coatings allow to reduce the cost price of the end product.
  3. Belgostar coatings are guaranteed to be of high quality.
  4. Customer`s convenience is of top-priority to Belgostar.
  5. Belgostar coating will make your product more diverse, qualitative, and more sought-after.

The Belgostar employees do their best to make the co-operation with you easy and mutually beneficial.

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